Creatinine PAP Method

Creatinine PAP Method
In muscle metabolism, creatinine is synthesized endogenously from creatine and creatine phosphate. Under conditions of normal renal function, creatinine is excreted by glomular filtration. Creatinine deter-minations are performed for the diagnosis and monitoring of acute and chronic renal disease as well as for the monitoring of renal dialysis. Creatinine concentrations in urine can be used as reference values for the excretion of certain analytes (albumin, a-amylase).

Intended use
Enzymatic in vitro test for the quantitative determination of creatinin in human serum, plasma and urine.

Test principle
Creatinine is determined using creatininase, creatinase and sarcosin oxidase.
H2O2 formed in final step of the reactions is used in the Trinder for the development of a chinonimin dye.

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