Glucose GOD PAP Mono Fluid

Glucose PAP GOD PAP Mono Fluid

Glucose is the central energy source of the cells in the organism. The most common supply follows hydrolytic cleavage of polymeric carbohydrates, in general starch. Glucose is a monosaccharide with a postprandial concentration of 5 mmol/l in the blood and serves as an indispensable energy-supply for cellular functions. The glucose catabolism takes place via the glycolysis as the first step, followed by the citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation.

Glucose regulations become executed the diagnosis and course control of carbohydrate metabolism illnesses like the diabetes mellitus, neonatal hypoglycemia, idiopathic hypoglycemia and with insulinoma.

The test bases on the coupling of the enzymatic oxidation of glucose by glucose oxidase resulting in hydrogen peroxide, which is subsequently used for the generation of a coloured product by peroxidase. In the Trinder method the carcinogenic ortho-dianisidine used in earlier formulations has been replaced by phenole and 4-amino-antipyrine.

Intended use

Enzyme in vitro test for the quantitative regulation (determination) of glucose in human serum, -plasma.

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